If you would like to discuss any services your salon may need or to receive a quote please contact Ian on 07976770736.

Re-tubing service
Each salon likes to do things a little differently and therefore we believe that the best way for us to give you a quote is to speak to each client over the phone and find out exactly what you need. If you would like a quote then please contact us either by phone or fill out our contact form to arrange a call back with one of our team.
While our engineers are re-tubing your beds they will give them a general service.

Sunbed Repair
We offer a sunbed repair service where we will try our best to get your sunbeds working again however sometimes this is not possible and in these rare cases we will suggest any action we think would be the best way to proceed.

Sunbed timer units
We offer many different solutions for controlling your sunbeds:
Token Meter:
Token meters are designed to go inside of the room with your sunbed and your clients buy tokens from the reception to use for each session. These are used to control 1 sunbed and each token is set for a set amount of minutes this can be bespoke to each token meter.
The Tmax timer system can be used as a stand alone controller meaning you go into the room and set the minutes, once the minutes have been set the customer cannot change them and they have a set amount of time to get undressed, if they are ready before hand they can press a button to start the bed early.
The Tmax system can also be controlled remotely via a Tmax manager this system networks all of the Tmax controllers and can be used in conjunction with select salon management software.

Salon supplies
We offer a range of different sunbed creams, lotions and tanning essentials. To see our catalogue of salon supplies click the “Catalogue” section of our website and this will take you to our online store.