Refurbished Sunbeds

Sunbeds that we currently have in stock

All of our sunbeds can be installed on either Single or Three Phase power supplies, however single phase will mean you are heavily limited on how many units you can have in your salon.

Stand up sunbeds

Ergoline Solton M55

  • Body lamps: 46 x 160W
  • Shoulder lamps: 7 x 25W
  • Facial lamps: 3 x 500W
  • Power consumption: 10.8 kW

Luxura x5

  • 34 Lamps
  • Facial lamps: 3 x 500w

Tansun Symphony

  • 48 Lamps
  • 2275mm (2.27m) Tall
  • 1050mm (1.05m) Diameter Circle
  • Power consumption: 9.5 kw

Tansun Viva

  • 44 Lamps
  • 2170mm (2.17m) Tall
  • 1050mm (1.05m) Diameter Circle
  • Power consumption: 8.2 kW

Tansun VT-2000

  • 48 Lamps
  • 2150mm (2.15m) Tall
  • 1040mm (1.04m) Diameter Circle


  • 58 Lamps
  • 2200mm (2.2m) Tall
  • 1160mm (1.16m) Width
  • 930mm (0.93m) Depth
  • Power Consumption: 12kW


  • 58 Lamps
  • 2300mm (2.3m) Tall
  • 850mm (0.85m) Width
  • 630mm (0.63m) Depth
  • Power Consumption: 12kW/h

Some of our tanning units are available to be rented on a monthly basis, for more information about any of our beds please contact us!