Sunbed Timer Units

If you would like to discuss the best option for your salon or to receive a quote please contact Ian on 07976770736.

We offer many different solutions for controlling your sunbeds, these include:

Token Meter

Token meters are designed to go inside of the room with your sunbed and your clients buy tokens from the reception to use for each session. These are used to control 1 sunbed and each token is set for a set amount of minutes this can be bespoke to each token meter, however not for different tokens, meaning if 1 token is set to 3 minutes you can only sell sessions in 3 minute intervals.


The Tmax timer system can be used as a stand alone controller meaning you go into the room and set the minutes, once the minutes have been set the customer cannot change them and they have a set amount of time to get undressed, if they are ready before hand they can press a button to start the bed early.
The Tmax system can also be controlled remotely via a Tmax manager this system networks all of the Tmax controllers within a salon and can be used in conjunction with select salon management software.

We can also install Tmax systems in salons which already use other styles of sunbed timer systems!