Sunbed Timer Units

If you would like to discuss the best option for your salon or to receive a quote please contact Ian on 07976770736.

We offer many different solutions for controlling your sunbeds, these include:

Token Meter

Token meters are designed to be placed inside of the room with your sunbed and your clients buy tokens from the reception for each session.

Each token meter is pre-set for a configurable amount of minutes per token and this can be bespoke to your needs.


Tmax timer systems are becoming the norm for most larger salons as they have many powerful features such as being able to be connected to your reception computer allowing your salon software to control the beds and in the unlikely chance that something goes wrong with your system there are backup systems to allow your business to run as smoothly as possible.

There are different options when we discuss Tmax systems, You can have a timer in the room or at reception, you can control the minutes from the timer itself and once set, they cannot be altered. Alternatively you can have a manager system located at your reception desk that would allow you to control your entire salon from the press of a button.
If using a manager system, as stated above these can be connected to your computer system allowing for even smoother operating of your tanning units.

With Tmax, there are many configurable options some of which are:
Pre-Start, allowing you to send the time and customers have a set time to get ready, if they are ready early they can start the unit by simply pressing the ‘start’ button.
Clean room, Helping to ensure your staff check every room between uses.

If you are thinking of starting your business or upgrading from an older system to a newer one, please contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help this possible.